“The Minds “FLOW STATE” is like an immersion switch – you can learn to turn the Flow ON & OFF!”

In January 2022, I was interviewed by the Growth Strategist, Simon Haigh about Flow State and some other Strategic Thinking Concepts. You can view the link here https://www.LinkedIn.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6887413787008221184/

I’ve been learning myself since how to better understand the FLOW STATE of high energy, focus, passion, happiness, results with your personal, professional and sporting goals and Life in General.

Electricity is part of the core and then I got to thinking what about using a Virtual Immersion Switch (VIS) that we Visualise each time we want to enter & exit the FLOW STATE. Use it as the visualisation tool for the entry key and train yourself when to hit the ON & OFF switch.

I appreciate that some people will say that this is far too simplistic an approach but it’s a fundamental element (pardon the pun) and if used very regularly over a few months it becomes second nature.

“Virtual Immersion Switch VISUALISE and use to trigger Flow State“

And so a little story to help you remember how to enter and exit FLOW STATE … “don’t forget the immersion!”

I inspiration

M my

M motivation

E electricity

R realises

S success

I it’s

O on

N now

FLOW is a state you can be in and not even recognise it although most will once they have developed a conscious awareness. My philosophy is that you certainly can TRAIN for it, enter it, stay there for as long as required once you (a) Learn to deeply understand it and your individual triggers (b) Turn ON the switch (c) Turn it OFF also!

The I in Immersion is vital as without knowing your inspiration and passions it’s extremely difficult to drive the energy or hit the ON button. The N in immersion is also critical as by entering the NOW, staying present throughout the day , hour, minute etc enhances your chances of success.

I hope you found this blog and story both informative and provocative and I’d be delighted to hear from you should you like to find out more about FLOW and how it can be used to achieve better results in Personal, Work and Sporting contexts.

Paul3yrne@gmail.com 087 2957184 or have a look at https://paulwbyrneions.Wordpress.com

“Playing daily on the field of my passions”

This blog is to help you win daily by using the power of visualisation, reflection and aligning them with your passions to play daily on the field of your passions

My daily passions are partner, family, friends, innovation, creativity, poetry, photography, writing AND helping business/entrepreneurship. It’s possible to parallel and nurture each of these daily using the power of visualisation

Many years ago, I coined the success mantra “Visualise tomorrows’ successes tonight and they will happen if I act in the now”

Visualise for 10 minutes each night before sleeping and create a vivid picture of what success will look like tomorrow and then dream about it. Paint in as many virtual brush strokes as possible to make it real, then get up, act with purpose in the present moment and make it happen!

Ask yourself the following 10 questions.

1 What are my passions?

2 How do they parallel with work and work life balance?

3 What is the theatre of my dreams?

4 What pitch am I on now, do I want to play on each day?

5 What are the zones on my pitch?

6 Who will I interact with today?

7 How will I win daily?

8 What will be my daily WOW ? Visualise it

9 What was my WOW for the day and why?

10 Question daily my WHY? = reflection

I hope you found this post informative and provocative and I’d love to hear from you if you would like to find out more to accelerate on your daily success journey

Paul W Byrne – paul3yrne@gmail.com or + 353 87 2957184

PyramidicalThinking PT versus Out of the box Thinking – by Paul Byrne

PB Step Pyrmaid

For at least 20 years I have been a Pyramidical Thinker – Thinking Globally outside of a Pyramid!

A Box is uninspiring

A pyramid is 3 dimensional

The Great Step pyramid in Egypt is inspirational – what’s inspirational for you?

Use the pyramid bricks if necessary to spin out ideas

Global thinking is more fun and causes one to dream and visualise more

This works for me and I’m not prophesying it will work for everyone, but a few of you may benefit hence it’s worth sharing

I hope you found this blog both educational and provocative

Paul Byrne

“Foreinhindsight” the merger of foresight, insight and hindsight – by Paul Byrne


A good few years ago I was trying to solve some complex problems and started to think about what was the best Visualisation tool to use.

I have always been interested in FOCUS and Vision and how best to look into an opportunity or problem.

It struck me that applying the 3 sights Foresight (Future), Insight (Present) and Hindsight (Past) at the same moment is powerful as it provides greater insights to solve the problem or opportunity by looking at the BIG Picture.

So i invented the word Foreinhindsight which is a useful way to capture the 3 sights and these are summarised in the focus within the visual glasses above.

I hope that you have found this blog both provocative and educational.

Paul Byrne

WHY don’t we teach Resilience from age 4 in schools? MYQ = IQ + EQ + RQ + SQ MYQuotient Formula by Paul Byrne

Molecular Thoughts

 MYQ = IQ +EQ + RQ +SQ        MYQuotient Formula

I hope that you find the article and formula both educational and provocative.

My vision is to stimulate debate and fresh thinking on some of the elements of intelligence.

  • Let’s start with some key questions?
  • What is intellect?
  • What makes intellect?
  • Are we born with it or is it made?

The traditional ways of looking at intelligence are outdated and we need to have new models and measures when assessing intelligence.

Intelligence should be looked at in a HOLISTIC way that examines on a more multi-dimensional plane that at least includes RQ and SQ, more on this later.

IQ & EQ are well known and understood. I want to highlight though is that with a Holistic approach (MYQ) and a deeper understanding of both RQ and SQ, many people can succeed at an even higher level.

This type of creative thinking needs to be embedded in the educational system from age 4 or 5 and we need to address the whole area of Holistic intelligence with children at a young age to explore and maximise the gifts that each one of them possess.

We have the power with teaching and technology to accelerate and expand youthful mindfulness in all 4 areas.

Both RQ and SQ are already been the subject of debate but are not as deeply understood as IQ & EQ.

MYQ acts as a catalyst to enable people to take that more holistic view to intelligence.

So what is RQ? It’s the resilience quotient or ability to deal with adversity regardless of the nature of what’s thrown at oneself. We have often heard that it’s the way they are wired, sure they always bounce back or why can’t they pick themselves up.

RQ is long associated with entrepreneurs and creative types. I would contend that it’s part driven by each of the MYQ elements and fundamentally it’s to do with mental fitness and desire for bounce back ability from adversity.

The pace of bounce back ability varies greatly from person to person and their desire to achieve a positive mindfulness state.

Now, back to the wiring. This has in part to do with DNA and the manner in which the neural pathways are forged throughout life and the more pathways that can be forged the better the brains capacity utilization. What if we were to make a conscious decision to achieve a great state of resilience at a young age?

Why isn’t Resilience a subject in school?

Imagine the difference it would make to study resilience as an extra subject and how it would accelerate educational achievement and advancement?

Those who radiate resilience attract other likeminded individuals and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby the resilience is multiplied many times over.

And now, onto the area of Spiritual Quotient or SQ. This is an important element of my formula MYQ.

By this I mean mindfulness. SQ is a holistic approach to life, mindfulness and how one deals with their own inner core, be it challenges or opportunities with themselves or other people.

The key components are having an awareness of your Internal and External Drivers such as – Greatest Strength, Weakness. Ambition, Vision, Values. Family, Friends, Relationships, Belief System(s). Mindfulness is also critical.

  • Why do I feel the way I do right now?
  • Why and how do I impact/influence others the way I do?
  • What is going on with my feelings?
  • What is happening with others?
  • What makes me the whole person that I am?

These are quite provocative questions but if considered frequently enable one to focus rather than drift.

FOCUS – From Outstanding Clarity U Succeed!

I hope through this blog you have learnt a little about the MYQ Formula and lets get the debate going globally about teaching resilience in schools from a very young age!

Paul Byrne

ZONELISATION – The power of Zone Thinking – by Paul Byrne


I have created a matrix of Zones which may help you on a daily basis to plan for best strategic results in business and best personal results.

By consciously adopting a Zone it can lead to better or extraordinary results.

Learning the Zones and question what Zone am I in now and why?

What Zone do i need to be in?

What Zone will deliver optimum results at a given point in time?

What Zone am i strongest in?

Do i need to move between Zones in any given meeting or activity?

Consider also the flows between the Zones?

Challenge yourself to frequently visit the central Zone of Creativity & Disruption where some of the best innovation happens! Think of the great innovators, this is where they spent long periods working on their ideas and bringing them to fruition.

Hopefully this blog provides some food for thought.

Paul Byrne

COMMUNICATION – “It’s all in the ion’s its not in the genes” – by Paul Byrne

ionHi – I have always been fascinated by ion’s. They are so powerful as they carry an electric charge. Many many years ago I was mapping and looking at flip charts from work streams, mapping exercises, projects and brainstorms and they always had a Proliferation of ion word’s.

Then i got thinking about Communication and how many ion words do we actually use. It became a Passion and Fascination and i was called to Action that Communication is highly influenced by Ion’s as they carry that electric charge that excites people with their Emotion and resonance and the fact that so many are action oriented.

I firmly believe that if ones vocabulary is enhanced by the frequent use of POSITIVE ion’s  at particular critical points in business and logical points in normal communication that it can lead to enhanced and indeed extraordinary communication over time as one becomes highly proficient in the use of ion’s. Initially, it takes effort but comes effortlessly with practice and builds better communication.

Given the proliferation of online activity Social, Call Centre’s communication verbal and written has become vital lest your message gets lost in the ether of global messaging.

So my message to you today is to take Action, play with the ions, notice the ions and practise with them and watch how your Communication starts to have a higher impact and far greater clarity.

To help you on your way, i am attaching below some Positive ion’s to get you started – enjoy – and please like, share this post if you got something from it.

I’ve also written lot’s of Ionic blog poetry cause of my Passion for poetry and how you can charge it with rhyming ion’s and you can view a Selection on


Your’s in Communication – Paul Byrne

The word ions are so powerful

As they carry a charge

It’s all in the ions

It’s not in the genes

Action acceleration affiliation addition anticipation aspiration


Caution comparison champion collaboration compassion combination

Competition completion communication conclusion cooperation creation

Decision determination deliberation delegation dimension division donation

Definition differentiation

Education emotion erosion expansion evolution elation elevation escalation

Execution extrapolation

Fascination fraction fiction friction formation fragmentation fruition faction

Generalization graduation gravitation

Habitation hesitation humiliation

Ion inspiration innovation imagination ignition illusion introduction institution

Jubilation justification junction juxtaposition


Lion levitation liberation location

Mansion mention motivation motion million maximization multiplication

Nation notion navigation negotiation nutrition notification

Obligation obsession occupation origination option ovation optimization organization

Population publication position passion persuasion permutation precision petition portion presentation

Question quertion qualification

Retention representation recognition reaction reflection rejection repetition reputation resolution revolution

Satisfaction section selection solution sensation simplification subtraction succession suggestion

Television temptation tension transformation tradition traction transition triangulation


Violation volition vocation version vision visualization validation verification valuation